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Sunbrella Yarns Weaving Brentano Outdoor Favorites


First partnering with Brentano five years ago, Sunbrella has provided vibrant and durable yarns for some of our most iconic indoor/outdoor fabrics.  For over 59 years, Sunbrella has offered many outdoor solutions from shade structures to marine canvas with second-to-none performance features.

From the colorful motifs of Majalis and Pinnacle to the dynamic pattern of Solstice, the indoor/outdoor interpretation of our successful upholstery Equinox, these colorful anchor fabrics are woven with Sunbrella’s Solution-Dyed Acrylic and Polyester yarns, giving true reliability for color and robustness.  While traditional dyeing processes only leave color on the surface of the fiber, Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making them more resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.

Offering style, function, and durability, the applications for Sunbrella-made fabrics go beyond outdoor installations and can be an option for those looking for lasting, easy-clean options in both residential and commercial settings, fitting Brentano’s ethos of beauty + performance.

When collaborating, Sunbrella works with our Design Studio led by Founder and Design Director Iris Wang.  Once artwork is received from Brentano, discussions and decisions are made of how to best translate it into a fabric pattern.  The artwork is edited accordingly, and weaves are then created. The design file is sent to the loom to weave the first sample, a process that can repeat until the sample is perfected and approved.  With an approved weave, test yardage and colorwork is woven for further confirmation until the fabric and colorways are finalized.

The result is an impactful partnership, with Sunbrella construction fully displaying the unique designs and colors of Brentano while giving superb performance qualities.

To see all Brentano fabrics offered with Sunbrella yarns, please search “Sunbrella” in our Fabric Search tab on our website.