Press Releases


Brentano Introduces Framework Collection for Fall 2020, in collaboration with Gensler, product design consultant. <pdf>

A richly textured and tactile collection showcasing an extensive, inspired color palette, that allows for dynamic, foundational combinations to embolden thoroughly modern interior spaces.


Brentano’s Meals for Heroes a Smashing Success <pdf>

Amid the chaos, Brentano, local eatery Savory Salads and food blogger, Binge Worthy Bites find a ray of sunshine with Meals for Heroes!


Brentano Introduces Traveler Collection for Spring 2020 <pdf>

Drawing inspiration from our team’s world travels, the Spring 2020 introduction from Brentano embodies the emboldened spirit of distant lands and the sense of adventure they evoke. Echoing Founder and Design Director, Iris Wang’s love for exploration, the 15 new introductions from the Traveler Collection are each informed by our design team’s interactions with talented artisans from across the globe. These erudite woven wonders feature a combination of unique and arresting designs, that continue to highlight Brentano’s commitment to Beauty + Performance.