About Us

The Brentano Design Studio, led by Iris Wang, has grown from a modest eight patterns in 1990, into an international source for residential, hospitality and commercial fabrics for both upholstery and drapery. The range has expanded to include luxurious vegan leathers, sophisticated indoor/outdoor choices, dynamic stain resistant and easy clean finish options, as well as a beautiful collection of eco-friendly textiles.

Iris Wang

Iris Wang

Founder/Artistic Director

Born in 1954 in South Korea to parents who had fled Chinese Communism, Iris Wang, Founder and Design Director at Brentano, Inc, cultivated an interest in her Chinese heritage at an early age. At 21, she enrolled at National Normal University, a premier Taiwanese art school. In 1978, after teaching art in Taiwan, Iris came to the United States and began work on her MFA at Kent State University. She completed her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 1981 and began working with an interior designer in Chicago. It was a project involving fabric covered ceiling tiles that sparked Iris’s interest in textiles, an interest that eventually grew into Brentano, Inc.