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Introducing Brentano MINIS


The whole team at Brentano is so excited to announce our Fall 2020 FRAMEWORK collection, in collaboration with Gensler, product design consultants!

The primary goal was to design a family of fabrics with the breadth and ability to create consistent, modern narratives within a space. This gorgeous series of textiles introduces highly textural anchor fabrics and subtle patterns that are both handsome and tactile, while also offering the high levels of performance Brentano is so well known for.

Framework’s palette is fresh, contemporary and relevant, comprised of energetic primary tones, clean pastels and useable neutrals. While all the fabrics have an individual personality, there is a distinct color-guided dialogue between them. Like building blocks, they come together to create striking monochromatic interiors or subtle spaces awash with complementary tones.

As thrilled as we are with this launch, we also appreciate this has been a heck of a year so far, one that has presented us all with many unprecedented challenges to how we live and work. As with all of you, we have found it vital to keep a positive outlook and embrace these challenges to push ourselves to find new and engaging ways of doing business. This has led to the creation of the fun and interactive Brentano MINIS program!

Brentano MINIS allow us to reach out to clients through our wonderful reps and create a new, interesting and informative virtual experience. MINIS allow you to have a virtual presentation but with samples of the product in front of you; meaning you can see, feel and experience all that design goodness first-hand and have your questions answered at the same time!

We know lots of you have restricted work-space and storage at home, so we include a prepaid shipping label allowing you to keep whatever you want and send back anything you don’t. This saves space for you and helps Brentano in our continued efforts to help the environment by reusing and recycling whatever we can.

We realize everyone is getting a bit of virtual meeting fatigue, but hopefully this is a fabulous and friendly way to satisfy your thirst for new product. We hope Framework can provide a welcome bright spot in your design schedule – Happy Scheming!