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Six Color Neutrals Set the Groundwork for Brentano’s 2024 Color Forecast


Highlighting a new age of color for the Brentano Design Studio, the 2024 color forecast diverts from bright, bold colors to more organic, found-in-nature hues. Departing the cool blues from previous year’s forecasts, the six 2024 color selections bring warmth, and comfort with Auburn, Olive, and Taupe selections. Practical, usable colors these “rustic retro” hues are relaxed and quiet while still maintaining intensity without being loud.

“Color Neutrals” as the Brentano Design Studio has affectionally dubbed them, the six colors set the tone for design spaces, allowing easy layering for sophisticated and tailored design. With composed tranquility, the colors command attention with elusive natural, earthy tones and a calming, dry warmth. The versatile set of colors is further enhanced by natural light, giving way to their unique depth of softness and fluidity within changing environments. A swoon-worthy palette, the 2024 color forecast is a delicate pairing of color neutrals that will quickly win its way into hearts and homes.

2024 Color Forecast_Deep Olive

Deep Olive – Ranging in variation from sage to avocado, Deep Olive is a refined hue with comforting hints of yellow. Darker than army green and a touch cooler, Deep Olive is a modest color with biophilic characteristics that lend itself to the built environment as an adaptable anchor color.

2024 Color Forecast_Weathered Teal

Weathered Teal – A trending neutral, Weathered Teal is a fresh and inviting color with quiet, reserved energy. Like a cup of mint tea, Weathered Teal is a refreshing, soothing take on natural leafy greens. A functional building block, this friendly green easily coordinates with a wide range of colors, pairing particularly well with Celadon and a wide array of blues.

2024 Color Forecast Ground Ginger

Ground Ginger – Reminiscent of the sun reflecting off the sand on the shore, Ground Ginger is a fresh color selection. With clean and controlled saturation, Ground Ginger is understated with minimal vibrance and a natural straw color. Using less red than other colorways, this balanced neutral adds romantic earth tones to modern interiors.

2024 Color Forecast_Brilliant Auburn

Brilliant Auburn – A darker color than previous forecasts, Terra Cotta and Sandstone, Brilliant Auburn moves towards a deeper red hue while departing from the orange of forecasts past. A rusty, shellac red with cooper finishes, Brilliant Auburn, is contemporary with distinct and tasteful variations of depth. Visually unique, Brilliant Auburn is a stylish and cozy compliment to design applications.

2024 Color Forecast_Dried Leaves

Dried Leaves – Pulling inspiration from nature, Dried Leaves is a subdued version of Brentano’s Raw Amber. A lighter shade of brown with minimal hints of yellow, the color ranges from hints of bamboo to graham cracker. Use as the foundation for design spaces, adding pops of colors with fresh greenery and patterned textiles to enrich contrast and charm.

2024 Color Forecast_Driftwood Taupe

Driftwood Taupe – A diversion from brown, Driftwood Taupe warms design spaces with its silvery grey haze. A light taupe with an undertone of silver, Driftwood Taupe is a relaxed and inviting neutral, lending itself as a base for grey accents and finishes. A simple and reliable colorway, Driftwood Taupe is a timeless hue well-suited for many decorating styles.