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Naturally Occurring Colors Provide the Groundwork for Diverse Interiors


Naturally Occurring Colors Provide the Groundwork for Diverse Interiors
Six multi-faceted colorways round out Brentano’s 2021 Color Forecast

Brentano’s 13th annual color forecast showcases a new wave of warm, organic and biophilic colorways. Practical neutrals (Pebble Grey and Truffle) are balanced by the alluring charm of naturally occurring colors (Prairie Sage, Red Sandstone and Orchid Haze), while a restorative and energizing blue (Bluestone) rounds a refreshing selection of multi-faceted hues. Captivating and pleasing to the eye, these six distinct and tactile colors offer a usable palette for any interior.

“Colors are starting to become more popular with a slight red cast making the overall color spectrum warmer than former years,” comments Design Director Iris Wang. “For example, Bluestone is a standard medium blue, but slightly on the red side, it can bridge over to work as a neutral periwinkle. Comparatively, Red Sandstone is between orange and salmon, a color inspired from natural madder dye.” “Dark neutrals are making a name for themselves,” states Wang. “Instead of taupe’s, we see dark neutral browns, creating an organic and natural palette.”

Pebble Grey – A staple neutral, Pebble Grey exudes comfort and elegance. Suitable for residential, hospitality and contract interiors alike, Pebble Grey pairs seamlessly with a wide variety of palettes to create a casual but refined aesthetic. This stylish grey has become a color standard within Brentano’s continuously evolving line of colorways.

Truffle – A modern and versatile neutral, Truffle’s polished and refined aesthetic is a welcomed addition to this year’s color forecast. A relaxed brown with subtle red undertones, this rich blend of color is a clean and sophisticated selection. Paired with stormy greys and deep blues, Truffle quickly becomes a cozy centerpiece for residential and hospitality interiors alike.

Prairie Sage – A unique blend of warm greens with soft blues, Prairie Sage is an enchanting mix of modest hues. The interplay of light to dark tones are gentle and romantic in nature, creating a subdued yet lively colorway.

Red Sandstone – Reminiscent of its namesake, Red Sandstone mimics the tonal depths of light to dark as the sun rises over beautiful sandstone cliffs. A balance between soft reds and charming oranges, Red Sandstone is a contemporary blend of natural colors and opulent, dynamic terra cotta hues. This understated, yet vibrant, colorway applies real beauty to modern design.

Orchid Haze – A diversion from previous forecasts French Lavender, Orchid Haze is a bold, exuberant combination of tasteful shades of wine and elevated figs. A controlled alternative to maroon, Orchid Haze enhances palettes with its diverse and sumptuous hue. Not overly saturated while maintaining a grandness, this colorway can accommodate a tailored look making it an optimal choice for lavish interiors.

Bluestone – A fast favorite amongst designers, Bluestone provides a foundation for adaptable design. This smart blue pairs easily with a wide range of palettes earning in prominent placement in notable spaces. Fresh and invigorating, Bluestone has a welcoming personality with charismatic charm.