New Collections

Brentano’s Spring 2024 Collection, Anthurium, is a compilation of textiles and wallcoverings woven into painterly layers. Named after the Anthurium plant with its painter’s palette flower shape, the collection is designed through the lens of an artist and showcases Founder Iris Wang's deep love for painting and the wide breadth of artistic skill she brings to each versatile design.

Drawing back on their roots, the collection features a wide range of multi-faceted indoor/outdoor selections from which Brentano has come to be known. Acknowledging the growth and success of lively outdoor colorways in Brentano’s diverse span of outdoor textiles, Wang set out to introduce a “Color Neutral” line of hues. “I wanted to bridge the upbeat, vibrant colors of our current outdoor fabrics with distinguished “Color Neutrals”, colors I feel are a bit more tailored and adaptable for interiors both indoor and out,” says Founder, Iris Wang. ­­“This new introduction of “Color Neutrals” generates fluid color connection throughout the collection and each of it’s patterns” ­ Highlighting magnificent and lush fabrics, the collection features 4 outdoor velvets that create striking monochromatic design spaces. The collection also showcases Brentano’s first PVC-Free wallcoverings, Guild and Lona. A new challenge for the team, the studio explored different mediums to create depth and painterly-like qualities. Through their pursuit of artistic growth, the 2 wallcoverings were born, bringing to life a world in which thick brushstrokes and whimsical layers of color transport one to impressionist-styled interiors.