Performance Fabrics

Whether it be a family home or a healthcare facility, the demands of modern living have necessitated the growth in performance fabrics. Fortunately, Brentano’s mantra has always been beauty + performance, and since our inception 30 years ago we have concentrated on offering the most advanced stain-resistant finishes and fibers available. Brentano partners with many recognized brands such as Crypton, Nanotex and Greenshield, but has also developed our own in-house Tri-Sistant finish that adds an extra barrier of protection that saves your sofa from that glass of wine! In addition, many of our fabrics are inherently bleach cleanable, giving residential and commercial customers an extra defense against more stubborn stains!


Performance Textiles : Crypton Fabrics

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In addition to being extremely stain resistant, Crypton fabrics also provide breathable comfort, act as a moisture barrier, add strength and durability to the fabric and are engineered to provide antibacterial protection. Brentano’s Crypton fabrics come in a variety of designs and colors, making them suitable for commercial use in hospitals, restaurants and public areas. Furthermore, they are appealing for home use. Many residential designers have seized the opportunity to use the beautiful stain resistant fabrics to upholster kitchen chairs and taken advantage of the fabric’s antibacterial properties by installing them in children’s rooms.


Performance Textiles : Nanotex + DuraBlock Fabrics

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Brentano offers Nanotex finishing options, both on Brentano textiles or as an additional option. Nanotex repels liquids, causing them to bead up and roll off fabric. It does not change the natural hand of the fabric, meaning fabrics will retain their original softness and remain breathable. Because Nanotex will not change a fabric’s ability to pass NFPA 701 fire code, fabrics that inherently pass 701 will still do so after Nanotex is applied. Fabrics finished with Nanotex can also be treated to pass flame codes. Nanotex is an environmentally friendly finishing option. A fabric finished with Nanotex can be recycled. Additional options, such as Nanotex plus DuraBlock, a liquid-proof barrier, and Nanotex plus Bio-Am, which gives fabrics antimicrobial benefits, are also available. Please contact your local Sales Representative for pricing on Nanotex finishes and fabrics.


Performance Textiles : GreenShield + Balance Barrier

GreenShield is a topical finish that utilizes 7-10 less fluorocarbons than similar finishes and releases no VOC emissions. The technology is based on amorphous silica nano-particles that permanently adhere to a fabric in a mesh network that prevents particles from becoming airborne. The manufacturing process also requires lower temperatures, and therefore less energy, compared to similar finishes. Brentano offers several fabrics with GreenShield as well as GreenShield + Balance Barrier, a combination that makes it even more difficult for liquids or contaminants to penetrate a fabric. Fabrics with GreenShield + Balance Barrier have:
  • GreenShield stain-resistant finishing
  • antibacterial finishing
  • enhanced abrasion
  • moisture barrier backing
GreenShield is certified by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) as a Low Fluorocarbon Treatment product and is the only stain resistance finish that is eligible for use on a MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified product.


Performance Textiles: INCASE + Incase Fabrics

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INCASE® fabric utilizes the same “repel and release” technology as Crypton, but is tailored for use in the contract market. Created specifically for upholstery fabrics, Incase has an advanced stain and microbial-resistant treatment to be used when a barrier is not required, keeping the fabric soft, durable, and resilient. The breakthrough performance technology is built into every fiber, so it won’t ever wear away.



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