Design Process


Brentano’s commitment to providing beauty + performance means constantly evaluating how to offer the most beautiful and durable fabrics. We ground ourselves in specific trade knowledge, such as fiber characteristics, fire retardancy, weave structure and color fastness; but through knowledge sharing and innovation, we also create fresh and beautiful designs. Whether for cutting-edge, eco-friendly fibers or classic patterns and weaves with modern twists, Brentano is an ideal choice.

Design Studio

For Design Director Iris Wang and our design team, it is a meeting place for discussion and innovation, navigating how to combine patterns, materials, weaves and colors with usability and function. Meetings not only guide the development of original artwork and textiles, but also offer a place for everyone to come together and figure out the best ways to expand Brentano’s growing collection of beautiful and performance-minded fabrics. 

Additionally, Wang demonstrated her environmental commitment when working with the architects to design the studio, opting for many eco-friendly elements in both the design and in materials. Items such as a power exhaust fan to circulate air and dual level fluorescent lighting fixtures are examples of some of the technologies used to maximize energy efficiency.

Green features of the studio include:

  • Outside air economizer and power exhaust fan.
  • High-efficiency rooftop HVAC units.
  • High-efficiency fluorescent lighting.
  • Dual lighting fixtures and controls.
  • Exterior wall insulation exceeds thermal requirements, 10% of the product is processed locally, reduces insulation construction waste by 50%, is a renewable-based foam insulation made from using castor oil instead of a petroleum-based product.
  • Interior sound attenuation insulation is a certified noise reducer insulation, uses 20% post consumer recycled content, and 20% of materials are regional (within 500 miles of the project).
  • Wood doors meet green air quality standards, are FSC certified wood, use low emitting materials, and 70% of every door uses recycled, regional, and rapidly renewable materials.
  • US Green Building Council (USGBC)- recommended openable exterior windows use pre-consumer recycled materials and low-emitting glass.
  • Ceiling tile manufacturer is a founding member of the USGBC, exceeds requirements for use of recycled content and low emitting materials.
  • Porcelain floor tile contains 20% pre-consumer recycled material.