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A project nearly two years in the making, Brentano has launched a collaboration fusing organic, bespoke wallcovering design with the always coveted, never repeated designs of 11 Ravens custom luxury game tables. Revealed at this year’s Spring Market at the Pacific Design Center at their flagship showroom in Los Angeles, California, the collaboration brought designers Iris Wang and Bernard Semerdjian together for the first time to celebrate this exceptionally unique design. 

A studied and foundational vision can be seen in the delicate craftsmanship of each studio. Celebrating masterful craft and quality finishes, the Brentano x 11 Ravens collaboration was born out of a desire to put 11 Ravens’ innovative materials to the “test” and express the vast number of ways you can play with Brentano wallcovering and textile designs within a space. The custom Arclight Table from 11 Ravens features Brentano’s first-ever wallcovering mural, Haiku. 

Inspired by landscapes in both eastern and western paintings, Haiku is designed to provide the viewer with a direct experience and the feeling of sitting amid the woods. This feeling of immersion fits the name, Haiku. Haiku, a short form of traditional Japanese poetry, purposefully aims to inject a direct experience into a reader’s heart instead of through a narrative format. The Brentano Design Studio worked to depict the mural in a woven effect inspired by the hanging tapestry tradition. Their mission to create that woven effect prompted the entire studio staff to each participate in “weaving” the mural in Photoshop, which resulted in a 26-color-layer product of this rich yet tranquil visual poetry on the wall.  

The Haiku design is printed on special laminate by 11 Ravens and applied to their solid-wood, custom game table. In addition, a coordinating print from the collection is printed in yardage to line the drawers for ping pong accessories. While 11 Ravens can make the table in any Brentano colorway or print, Haiku-Saguaro Flower was specifically chosen to launch the project. 

Brentano + 11 Ravens Design Collaboration

11 Ravens, a multidisciplinary design studio that works with many high-profile collaboration clients, including American Express, Rolling Stone Magazine, Austin City Limits and Rolls Royce, to name a few, designs tailored-made pieces that are timeless and modern. Born from a mutual bond over design and table tennis, Founder Michael Zaretsky and Bernard Semerdjian, Chief Creative Officer, began creating one-of-a-kind game tables in 2011. Truly works of art, each table is unique and made with exquisite attention to detail. 

The Arclight table featured in the Brentano x 11 Ravens collaboration features individually crafted layers meticulously integrated into a composition that renders the Arclight a whole that truly becomes greater than the sum of all its parts. This luminary statement piece faithfully sparks an aura of high design.  

11 Ravens and Brentano Design Collaboration

However stunning and masterful, 11 Ravens’ designs continue beyond table tennis. Whether your sport is ping pong, pool, shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, poker, blackjack, or mahjong, 11 Ravens can customize your table, so it’s uniquely yours. 11 Ravens’ talented roster of designers and craftspeople, with over forty years of experience, produce high-quality, precision-made game tables, furniture, and more. 

Most recently, expanding on their lifestyle offerings, 11 Ravens released Ravella, a superior sipping tequila with uncompromised taste. Ravella tequila is crafted with the same degree of quality akin to a work of art. The passion and dedication of its makers shine through Ravella for a spirit that’s truly worth celebrating. 

With custom luxury from both studios, Brentano and 11 Ravens are only just beginning. With over 2,000 SKUs of versatile textiles, wallcovering designs, and an array of limitless design options, Brentano and 11 Ravens can provide design spaces with effortless beauty and sophistication. By combining the exquisite patterns Brentano has long been known for with the finest materials and craftsmanship of unparalleled excellence in design from 11 Ravens, you can truly create a piece that is uniquely yours.