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New Cornerstone Laid for Brentano’s Next 25 Years

Fresh from their 25th anniversary, textile house Brentano starts 2016 with the Cornerstone collection and strong, statement-making designs to lead the line into the next quarter century. The new collection of 21 residential, hospitality and contract textiles embraces color, pattern and materials in dramatic, inspiring and uniquely Brentano ways. “We’ve spent the last year reflecting on our direction and look, and this year we’re laying a new cornerstone with products that represent what we do best at Brentano. People love our colors, and you’ll find several color-driven patterns in this collection: outdoor patterns like Isla, and of course stripes like Regalia. We’ve also added a cotton velvet [Gem] with our largest color line to date — 39 colorways!” said Design Director Iris Wang. From A to Z, the Cornerstone collection pairs rich materials with bold patterning. Large-scale Ambrosia’s 34-inch vertical repeat couples the cool, luxurious sheen of a viscose-weft satin with a hot flame stitch. Contrast that with Zigrino, a unique upholstery that marries the tough, pebbly look of shagreen with the softness of a viscose velvet. Both new 54″ patterns pass 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) for dramatic, durable interior installations.

The richness of Ambrosia, its strong patterning, luxurious materials and glamorous coloring, serve up drama and flair fit for a modern goddess’ home. The upholstery fabric is available in seven striking colorways like black and white, black and cognac and vibrant peacock blue.

What a wild dichotomy! Zigrino’s five colorways marry the tough, pebbly look of shagreen with the softness of a viscose velvet. The dense, high quality velvet lends an allover sheen while colored polyester films reflect pinpoint highlights across the 54″ surface.