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Julie Clutch Gives Graviata Velvet a Newfound Glow


Candice Luter began paving a path for her creativity by constructing artworks in her garage.
As a self-taught artist, she learned to use power tools to expand her abilities and forge truly unique creations.  This led to her finding a new passion of breathing life into old furniture pieces and making repurposed works.

Textiles was a new and unexpected venue for Candice. The artist was approached at an arts festival and to her surprise was requested to design bags— a new challenge she was excited to take.  Exploring her fabric options, she came to discover Brentano and created her one-of-a-kind Julie clutch. The clutch was made with the velvet Graviata in Marigold, one of her favorite fabrics from the Brentano line.  A unique choice for handbags, the designer is drawn to visually interesting textures and patterns, Graviata being no exception.

Candice’s creative process involves laying out her collected textiles and letting them speak for themselves. Starting with a color, mood, or design her inspiration ignites and she lets the project grow naturally from there.

The Julie clutch was made for the girl on-the-go.  Using her ethos of redefining minimalism, Candice’s aim was to offer something useable while also being a stunning statement piece without overcomplication.  To Candice, designing often isn’t about reinventing the wheel, but finding the right finishes that lead to functional, but individual products.


Brentano aims to offer textiles that can give beauty + performance wherever needed and is thrilled to be featured on Candice’s Julie clutches. Our fabrics are primarily suited for contract, residential and healthcare projects, but we are always amazed and look forward to what talented designers dream and create.

To see the rest of Candice Luter Designs, please visit her website.