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Join Us In Celebrating Our New Designers!


We are pleased to announce the promotion of Ashley Bremer and Abraham Buddish as Designers! Founder and Design Director, Iris Wang has been working with Ashley and Abraham to curate our current Fall 2019 Clearwater Collection and our upcoming Spring 2020 Collection. During this time, both Design Studio Assistants showed great growth in their textile knowledge and design capabilities.

Iris Wang and Design Team

(Featured above from left to right, Ashley Bremer, Abraham Buddish and Iris Wang)

“Abraham and Ashley have performed beyond my expectations for first year assistants,” notes Iris Wang. “Their design work is impeccable and their sheer dedication to the art is outstanding. I am honored to have them on my team as we enter a new decade and soon celebrate our 30th anniversary. It is with great pleasure I have promoted them both to Designer!”

As Designers, Ashley and Abraham will be closely involved in conception, design and mill coordination with particular focus on upcoming pattern work. Each has shown initiative in the performance of their duties, going above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure they deliver quality designs that uphold Brentano’s mantra of beauty + performance. We are excited to see where they will lead the department moving forward.

Ashley Bremer 2020 Pattern Design

(Featured above: 2020 Pattern Design by Ashley Bremer)

Ashley, is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus on fibers and will apply her skills heavily to drafting and digitizing patterns and color work. Her knack for coordination and eye for quality gives a fresh breath to Brentano’s designs and continues to influence our fabrics to reach our standards of beauty + performance. Abraham, a graduate of the College of Creative Studies in Detroit for Fiber and Textile Design, will assist with drafting weave structures, translating the artwork into patterns, and helping with color work for Brentano’s newest fabrics. Abraham’s expertise in fibers has already begun to influence upcoming collections, and his knowledge of fiber pushes our design team to think outside the box when creating curated patterns.

Please join us in celebrating Ashley and Abraham and congratulating them on their recent promotion!