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For the Love of Color and Thread


Since childhood, Design Studio Administrator Ashley Bremer has always been pursuing creative endeavors.  Taking various art classes throughout her education, photography became a natural outlet for her to capture the visions of colors she witnessed throughout her life. Combining her ability to interpret hues with the artistry for scheming moods and themes, Ashley worked towards pursuing Interior Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia.

Past Sunsets, photography by Ashley Bremer.

Upon entering college, Ashley was introduced to SCAD’s Fibers program and became entranced with a whole new aspect of interiors: the material stage.  Following her instincts, she delved more into the program and found an inherent fascination with the work of textiles.  “I liked the concept of working with the ‘step before’ designing the interiors,” she noted, “I see textiles as the building blocks of the process and it’s rewarding to be part of such an essential stage.”  Within her first year she switched majors and has devoted herself to textiles since.

Always absorbing shades and tones around her, Ashley’s work with fibers was the perfect combination for her love of color and texture. She notes her biggest inspirations being her admiration of nature and the many sights and experiences during her travels in Europe.  From her mother guiding her through the garden during childhood to the small town rivers and florals of France, Ashley’s many experiences influence her vibrant and stunning textile works.

Make a Wish, polyester & metallic jacquard weave by Ashley Bremer.

Following a professor’s suggestion to attend NeoCon, Ashley discovered Brentano’s showroom and took notice on the variety of styles shown Brentano’s line.  Her fibers background and attention to color would soon find her a spot in Brentano’s design studio led by Founder and Designer Director, Iris Wang.  Ashley currently undertakes many aspects of the studio’s functions: from drafting and digitizing patterns, color work, product imaging and naming to sourcing correspondence.  Her knack for coordination and eye for quality gives a fresh breath to Brentano’s designs and continue to influence our fabrics to reach their limit of beauty + performance.