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Brentano’s Annual Color Forecast: 2017

Brentano’s Annual Color Forecast: 2017
Bold colors unify adventure and optimism

As the year winds down and industry trends begin to shift, Brentano’s designers predict what colors will emerge in the upcoming year. In preparation for new development, the design department evaluates past products, collects data from the sales team and closely observes the forever changing world of design.
Brentano’s eighth annual color forecast presents three new captivating colors (Coral, Chartreuse and Bloom), a powerful colorless shade (Almost Black) and reintroduces classic hues (Peacock and Elephant) that will dictate the future of design.
With a cheeky personality and bold flair, Coral’s pop of color is a powerful punch. The zesty accent — uplifting and bright — adds a splash of excitement to the traditional household.

First forecast by Brentano in 2016, Elephant’s popularity carries over into 2017. This dependable neutral showcases its practicality by complementing both warm and cool interiors.

The crisp hot hue Chartreuse evokes refreshing warmth in a unique and stylish way. The harmonious hue — a fusion of green and gold — perfectly balances beauty with brilliance.
Polished Peacock, calm and cool, remains as current as when it appeared in Brentano’s 2016 forecast. The jewel-toned teal — more romantic than sapphire but fresher than navy — fills a room with peace and serenity.
Glowing with grace, Bloom is cultivated for its flourishing beauty. This fashion forward pinkness is comfortable being soft, with a dominant new found voice in design.
AlMost Black
Elegantly refined and dignified, this colorless shade displays confidence. Almost Black, pair-able with almost any color, makes for a bold accent; or can be luxurious all on its own.