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Boatgirl Lets Majalis Shine with Dependable Outdoor Totes


Multitalented sister team Leslie and Paige Temple never knew their futures were to become entrepreneurs of durable and modern tote bags. The North Carolina sisters, well-acquainted with water sports and activities, were underwhelmed with the bags they so often relied on—frumpy, prone to falling over, and with no resistance to protect their contents.

That’s when the graphic designer and psychologist turned to designers and businesswomen, conceptualizing bags that are chic with long lasting dependability for a woman in, on, or around the water. The result was the brand Boatgirl.

When asked what their favorite Brentano fabric was, Leslie listed Majalis, which is used as the decorative center for their products. (Pinnacle, Majalis’s geometric counterpart, was mentioned as a close second!)

Though an upholstery fabric, the indoor/outdoor properties of Majalis, including yarns made form Sunbrella Solution-Dyed Acrylic & Polyester, offered unique textile performance paired with colorful, eye-catching designs to help their products stand out. Their design process is in direct contrast with other women’s sport gear, who too often down-size their products, and have limited color options outside of pinks.

Striving to support their community, Boatgirl partners with Western Carolina Sewing Co. to manufacture their bags, and have recently been celebrated as a 2018 Made In NC Awards winner for Weekender, a bag Leslie credits as the embodiment of the brand: stylish, made by women for women, reliable and practical for every situation.

Brentano aims to offer textiles that can give beauty + performance wherever needed, and is thrilled to be featured on Boatgirl bags. Our fabrics are primarily suited for contract, residential and healthcare projects, but we are always amazed and look forward to what talented designers dream and create.

To see the entire Boatgirl collection, please visit their website.