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Apparel Brand 36 Ghosts Applies Caress to Their Artistic Vision


Driven by the creative community, Virginia based tattoo artist and fashion entrepreneur Nate Heim founded the brand 36 Ghosts to focus on and promote fellow artists.  The clothing line blurs the borders between fashion and art, featuring pieces with full, detailed prints covering the majority of a garment, making the design front-and-center.  Inspiration for the brand holds roots both in Japanese ukiyo-e printmaking and tattoo culture, but is ever-evolving, with Nate noting the priority goal of 36 Ghosts is always to celebrate the art world in all aspects.

Art featured on 36 Ghosts are original works made specifically for each product. The company collaborates directly with artists to design and develop products, taking careful consideration of layout on their items. Commissioned artists receive royalties for their essential part in the production process.

When researching options for leather patches that would feature their logo, it was important to Nate to find an eco-friendly source from a domestic company.  Coming across Brentano, he sampled Caress, a pebble-textured faux-leather. Being a polyurethane faux-leather, Caress is a greener alternative to both vinyl/PVC and traditional leather. Caress has been a staple in Brentano’s eco-friendly faux-leathers consistently, and was later given an extended color palette in the revised pattern Terrain.

Pleased with how Caress took to engraving, 36 Ghosts now uses branded patches of the faux-leather on their products. Their Aizome Collection features jeans with a unique logo patch as well as their hats: the Logo Watchcap Beanie and Black Bokashi Monogram Print Strapback.

Brentano offers textiles that are both beautiful and performance driven and is thrilled to be featured on 36 Ghosts products. Our fabrics are primarily suited for contract, residential and healthcare projects, but we are always amazed and look forward to seeing what talented designers dream and create.

To view the full collection of 36 Ghosts apparel, please visit their website.