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A Lifelong Pursuit of Textile Design


Brentano’s Textile Design Studio Assistant, Abraham Buddish’s keen interest in fibers began at at an early age.  At eight years old he was gifted Harry, a pet Angora goat, beginning his lifelong pursuit of textile design. Spinning fine mohair wool from his goat’s luxurious coat, Harry was the first of several pets raised by Abraham specifically for their hair. This gave him a unique understanding of the different processes and possibilities of fibers.

Left: Abraham & Harry. Right: “Familiar Faces” by Abraham Buddish.

Driven to continuously hone his skills, at the age of twelve Abraham was accepted into a weaver’s guild, becoming their youngest member.  The guild taught Abraham about historical and technical aspects of textiles while helping him develop his own craftsmanship; improving his yarn spinning and acquiring various other fiber making techniques. While in high school Abraham took an interest in the artistic side of textiles, later studying at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit for Fiber and Textile Design.

Abraham’s creativity centers around the fibers he uses. When asked what inspires his creations, he noted a desire to advance fibers– to find their ideal place in the world based on their unique qualities. “Fabrics are like people, says Abraham, they are entwined with each other. Historically, textiles are something everyone needs, but they also share a parallel in that they can be broken, mended, and made anew.” Abraham’s vision for textiles were explored throughout his personal works, with design often beginning and ended in a loom that resides in his home.

Left: “Perception”, Right: “Helping Hand”
by Abraham Buddish.

First introduced to Brentano via NeoCon, Abraham was impressed by Brentano’s distinct color sense and the variety of unique textiles for both residential and contract products. His talents made him a natural fit for Brentano’s design studio led by Founder and Design Director, Iris Wang and can now be found assisting with drafting weave structures, translating artwork into patterns and helping with color work for Brentano’s newest fabrics. Abraham’s expertise in fibers has already begun to influence upcoming collections and his knowledge of fiber pushes our design team to think outside of the box when creating curated pieces.