FAQ’s : Fabric Types

Antibacterial Fabrics

Fabrics treated with an antibacterial finish offer additional protection against bacteria and mold… Fabrics with antibacterial finishes may find purpose in all sorts of applications, including both indoor and outdoor environments, in hospitals and in homes… more »

Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

Bleach cleanability is desirable for any fabric that may need to be disinfected or sterilized… Many bleach cleanable fabrics have additional stain resistant, antibacterial finishes… more »


Brentano’s eco-fabrics are typically made with recycled polyester or polyurethane, although some use rapidly renewable resources like bamboo, wool and organic cotton. They all carry the Brentano Green label… more »

Some Brentano Green fabrics are third-party certified (ACT Facts, MBDC Cradle to Cradle, Oeko-Tex), and others may be eligible for LEED certification points.

Faux Leather

Brentano’s polyurethane based faux leathers are degradable, durable, versatile and less harmful to humans than leather… more »

Fire Resistant Textile

Many Brentano drapery fabrics pass common vertical fire codes without any additional treatment. These fabrics may already have specialized finishes or use inherently fire retardant yarns… more »

Outdoor Fabrics

Brentano’s outdoor fabrics must resist ultraviolet disintegration, sustain condensation and humidity, remain colorfast to prolonged exposure, and resist the growth of bacteria and fungus… more »

Performance Textile

For healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, and other interiors that require high performing fabrics, Brentano offers Crypton textiles and patterns with GreenShield + Balance Barrier, Nanotex + DuraBlock, and Nanotex + Bio-Am finishes for stain, moisture, and bacteria protection… more »