FAQ’s : Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) Guidelines

Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) Guidelines

All information regarding ACT guidelines was originally published by the Association of Contact Textiles (ACT). For the latest update on ACT Guidelines, textile testing methods and standards, please visit their official website at www.contracttextiles.org.


What are the ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines?

“ACT has developed the following voluntary Performance Guidelines to make fabric specification easier. The 5 symbols give architects, designers, and end-users a vast amount of performance information in a succinct visual way. Look for these symbols on ACT member company sampling to assure that the fabrics you specify perform up to contract standards and pass all applicable testing.

These categories describe a material’s performance features as measured by specified methods under standard laboratory conditions.”


Flame Resistance (fabric’s ability to resist burning)
Crocking resistance (fabric’s colorfastness)
Ultra-violet light resistance (fabric’s resistance to fading)
Physical properties (fabric’s resistance to pilling, seam slippage, and tearing)
Abrasion (fabric’s ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing)