FAQ’s : GreenShield

GreenShield is a topical finish that utilizes 7-10 times fewer fluorocarbons than similar finishes and releases no VOC emissions. The technology is based on amorphous silica nano-particles that permanently adhere to a fabric in a mesh network that prevents particles from becoming airborne. The manufacturing process requires lower temperatures, and therefore less energy, compared to similar finishes. GreenShield is certified by SCS as a Low Fluorocarbon Treatment product and is the only stain resistance finish that is eligible for use on a MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified product. SOURCE: GreenShield Website

What is GreenShield + Balance Barrier?
GreenShield + Balance Barrier combines the stain-resistant properties of GreenShield with an additional anti-microbial finish, an abrasion enhancer, and a moisture barrier backing. These enhancements make it even more difficult for liquids or contaminants to penetrate the fabric.

SOURCE: Balance™ Website