FAQ’s : Recycled Content

Brentano’s eco-fabrics are typically made with recycled polyester or polyurethane, although some use rapidly renewable resources like bamboo, wool and organic cotton. They all carry the Brentano Green label…

Some Brentano Green fabrics are third-party certified (ACT Facts, MBDC Cradle to Cradle, Oeko-Tex), and others may be eligible for LEED certification points.
Brentano’s recycled polyester fiber is made from post-consumer polyesters. One source of post-consumer polyester is recycled soda and water bottles that otherwise may have ended up in landfills. Additionally, using recycled polyester fibers preserves virgin oil that would be needed to manufacture new fibers. Post-consumer polyester fabrics are never intended to reach the landfill and can continue to be recycled. Brentano recycled polyester Brentano works as much as possible with environmentally conscious mills. For example, the mill that produces the 100% post-consumer recycled polyester textiles Barkcloth, Rainforest, and Thicket uses low energy lights and a temperature controlled heating and cooling system. They recycle 100% of their cardboard, and all plastic waste that cannot be recycled is sent to a local factory where it is burned and used as energy, saving an estimated 65,000 lbs of coal annually. Several of Brentano’s recycled polyester fabrics have achieved MBDC Cradle to Cradle certification ratings of Silver and Gold.

Brentano’s faux leather polyurethane patterns, also called eco-friendly faux leather, include: