FAQ’s : Nanotex Fabric Care

Nanotex® Fabric Care
Spills and stains should be removed from fabrics as soon as possible. While staining will be minimized on Nanotex® enhanced fabrics, cleaning may still be necessary. If spills are removed immediately, there will be minimal to no staining on the fabric. If spills go unnoticed for a period of time and staining occurs, the Nanotex® enhanced fabric will clean easily and quickly with proper cleaning procedures.
Upholstery Fabrics
  • Clean liquid spills quickly with a dry, clean cloth
    • For liquid spills, gently blot (don’t rub) spill immediately with an absorbent cloth while spill is still fresh.
    • Wipe off with clean water and a dry, clean cloth if needed.
  • For semi-solid spills, try to lift the spot off of the fabric
    • Working in a circular motion or removing the spill from the side is often the best means to lift spills from the fabric.
    • Change towel surface frequently until spot has been transferred off of the fabric and onto the absorbent cleaning cloth. (Try to avoid pressing the spill or spreading the stain.)
    • Wipe off with clean water and a dry, clean cloth if needed.
Wipe off with clean water and a dry, clean cloth if needed.

For stubborn spills
  • If a spill does not come off with water and a dry, clean cloth, add a mild detergent mixed with water and repeat circular motion. (Mild detergents such as Sport Wash, Tide Free, or Cheer Free).
  • If a stain remains, a solvent may be needed to remove the stubborn stain. It is recommended to use odorless mineral spirits, dry cleaning fluid Perchloroethylene) or Fantastik Orange Action All Purpose Cleaner.
  • Wipe off with water and a dry, clean cloth. Do not rub harshly. The harder you rub when cleaning a spill, the deeper the soil can penetrate between the fibers.
  • Remove all soap residue from the surface with clean water.

Standard Cleaning Codes
Always check and follow manufacturer’s cleaning codes. This is important to determine the proper type of cleaners to use. Each fabric has a cleaning code indicated from the manufacturer recommending specific cleaning instructions. The cleaning code is usually found under the cushions, on the product label or the hang-tag of the newly purchased upholstered furniture.
  • If the wrong type of cleaner is used, the fabric could be permanently damaged.
  • Some stains may require a second cleaning to achieve satisfactory results.
  • If there is detergent residue causing re-soiling, remove it using a hot water extraction method with clear water.

We are providing fabric care information for your convenience. While this information is considered reliable, Brentano, Inc. cannot guarantee the results. The information and recommendations offered here are given without warranty, representation or inducement of any kind, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular use or purpose. Please read product specification carefully to determine appropriateness for specific applications.