FAQ’s : ACT Facts

Brentano ACT Facts Certified Textiles
In 2011, the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) adopted NSF/ANSI 336 as its green standard. NSF/ANSI 336 is a textile-specific tool that measures the sustainability of a product and its manufacturing process against the following eight parameters. The standard recognizes products that reach Compliant, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of compliance across all categories.
  • Fiber Sourcing
  • Safety of Materials
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Quality
  • Energy
  • Air Quality
  • Recycling Practices in Manufacturing
  • Social Accountability
While a first, second or third party may assess a product with NSF/ANSI 336, the Facts icon indicates that a textile has been evaluated through an independent third-party certification body authorized by ACT. This icon appears on all Brentano fabrics that are ACT Facts certified.
Certification Marks owned by the Association for Contract Textiles, Inc

Brentano ACT Facts Certified Textiles
The follwing fabrics are ACT Facts certified. Although not a Facts textile, Brentano’s Mosaiquehas been first-party assessed as NSF/ANSI 336 Silver