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Adding Photos

1 From Inspiration Gallery

You can add photos from the inspiration gallery below the Mood Board by hovering over and clicking on the image you want to add.

2 Upload you own

To add your own photos, click on add photo on the top right corner above the mood board and either drop your photo into the dashed square or click choose your file to select a photo from your drive. Agree to Terms and Conditions and click ADD to add it to the mood board.

Adding swatches

There are two methods to add fabric swatches to your mood boards.

1 By Fabric ID
To add a swatch by fabric ID, identify the fabric ID number you want to add and type the number in the input field. Click on the Find Fabric button below. If the fabric exists in our database, it will appear on the right-hand side preview pane. Agree to Terms and Conditions and click ADD to add it to the mood board.

2. Through Fabric Search
Click on Fabric Search and find the fabric swatch you want add. Under the fabric description, click on the small swatch of the fabric you want to add, so it has a red marquee around it. Click on add to Mood board. If you have more than one Mood board, you can select which board you want to add the swatch to from the drop-down menu.

Resizing and repositioning your photos and swatches

To reposition photos and swatches, first click on your image to activate it and drag it to the desired position, you can use the handles to resize and rotate the swatch or image.

Remove photos and swatches

You can double-click on an image to remove it and click ok.

Layering photos and swatches

You can layer images on top of one another, and a single click on an image will bring it to the top layer.

Save Your Board

Remember to save your Mood Board when you are finished. You can always come back and make updates to your boards or start a new one for a new project.

We love to see your work and to see what inspires you. Share your work and inspiration with us. Upload your photos to our inspiration gallery and share them on Instagram. Let us know if you have questions about working with your mood board or have any suggestion to make it better.



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