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2012 Press Releases


  • 12.01.2012
    Brentano’s Annual Color Forecast: 2013 <pdf>
    Derived from a year’s worth of observation and analysis, Brentano’s 2013 color forecast pinpoints six colors that will shape interior design in the coming year. More than any other factor…


  • 11.01.2012
    Brentano Expands Range of Eco-friendly Fabrics <pdf>
    As an expert in green design, Brentano’s Gallery collection continues to offer eco-friendly textiles that suit a range of interiors while offering bold, fresh colors. The subtly striped texture of Mythos…


  • 10.01.2012
    Brentano Continues Success as Color Leader <pdf>
    As a color leader, Brentano takes special care to cover the basics and include the classics, but also to introduce fresh, new shades. With their Gallery collection, they focused on introducing clear, primary colors in a variety of textiles…


  • 09.01.2012
    Brentano's High-Performance Introductions <pdf>
    While the art-inspired Gallery collection offers several unequivocally beautiful fabrics, it truly focuses on introducing high-performance textiles suitable for institutional, contract, education and healthcare interiors …


  • 08.01.2012
    Artists Inspire Color and Pattern for Gallery Collection <pdf>
    Each of Gallery’s 14 textiles are influenced directly by the construction of a piece of art—the form—or the feeling behind it—the content. Every fabric has been considered down to the last detail: fiber content, weave, and how it is colored …




  • 04.02.2012
    Brentano to Celebrate HD Expo with Primary Colors <pdf>
    Brentano will show a fun, creative side at the Hospitality Design Expo (HD Expo) in Las Vegas this year. Channeling the modern artists who inspired the upcoming fall 2012 collection, Brentano will color their booth with a bold primary palette: splashy reds, yellows, and blues adapted for hospitality interiors...

  • 04.01.2012
    Back to Basics updates classic pattern with new weave, fresh colors, and outdoor application <pdf>
    When the Brentano Sales Team said clients were seeking a sophisticated and graphic outdoor upholstery... Brentano created Zinnia, an outdoor upholstery that maintains the Japanese stencil-inspired, botanical pattern of Dahlia but re-imagines the weave for outdoor requirements and re-colors it to create fresh options perfect for outdoor applications...



  • 02.01.2012
    Introducing 17 new fabrics inspired by relationships with water <pdf>
    The Back to Basics collection embraces water, the most basic building block of life, in several ways. Whether it's by utilizing advanced green technologies to produce eco-friendly textiles, turning to manufactures with proven water conservation practices, or by featuring natural and simple patterns in pastoral colors, all 17 textiles ask that we consider what is vital to good design...

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