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Brentano's Annual Color Forecast: 2016
A Twist in Tradition Sets a New Foundation to Explore Color


2016 Color Forecast Color Bar

"Interior designers are taking traditional colors and using them in nontraditional ways - it is a very exciting time in the industry," says Brentano's Senior Designer Aaron Mensik in regards to the color forecast of 2016. "As textile designers we are really able to explore the versatility of color."

Brentano's seventh annual color forecast embraces rich neutrals (Porcelain, Cognac and Elephant) and three powerful jewel tones (Emerald, Peacock and Pomegranate) that will inspire the design studio's progression for 2016 and direct the future of color trends in design.


Emerald Images

The newfound classic and bold depth of gorgeous green, emerald, carries over from Brentano's 2015 color forecast. Solidifying its roots in the design community, this verdure of the natural world thrives in versatility. Emerald, seeping its way into the minds of our designers, appears in daring patterns like Marque in the colorway Paradise.


Porcelain Images

A translucent neutral, porcelain, in its purest form moves from the 2015 forecast into 2016. This clean, smooth hue continues to offer comfort to both cool and warm interiors.


Pamegranate Image

Delightful and ripe, pomegranate puts a juicy twist on conventional design. This traditional hue, used in a nontraditional way, is both passionately romantic and majestically superior.


Cognac Image

An evolution from infamous gold, cognac, celebrates in a powerful way. Bronze and brassy, this warm metal fills an interior with passion, sophistication and authority. Refined and glamourous, we predict big things for cognac.


Grey Image

Deriving from the prior popularity of charcoal, Elephant constructs a softer and more relaxing neutral than ever before. Essential to the design world, this versatile forgiving hue can complement both welcoming warm or crisp cool interiors.


Blue Image

A sophisticated turn on sapphire, Peacock's deep rich saturated undertones are both fascinating and admirable. This jewel toned pigment fills an interior with a calm, soothing sense of romance and dominance.

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