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Drama and Innovation from Brentano
Innovative dyeing process produces dramatic color shifts for new cotton velvet Chatoyance


Brentano reserved a truly special fabric for their 25th anniversary, an occasion marked by this fall's Jubilee collection and its 20 textile patterns. Suited to the most sumptuous interiors, Chatoyance combines a new dyeing technique with an extremely soft and smooth cotton velvet in a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

From the French for "cat's eye," Chatoyance's dramatic, fluid shifts in color owe to a unique process where the fabric is gathered and sprayed with a random, yet repeatable, pattern of dyes. As a result, each yard of marbled colors is unique. The four colorways allude to natural landforms and the movement of light across water with the luxurious quality expected in a home and the drama of a perfectly orchestrated public space. The 54" cotton velvet's dense construction passes 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) for both high-end residential, hospitality and contract applications.

Top to Bottom: Chatoyance 6313: Ember 03, Pool 02, Midnight Sky 04

Chatoyance's innovative dyeing process produces dramatic, marbled colors that allude to natural landforms and the movement of light across water.

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