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New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists
Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features


The works of art that inspired Brentano's spring Studio collection evoke strong reactions ("If you don't react, how can you feel and create?" says Design Director Iris Wang), but the artists run the gamut — artists Brentano's designers have always loved, recently discovered or know personally.

Drawn from the work of watercolorist Raoul Dufy (Autumn), sculptor Naum Gabo (Construct), portrait painter Han Holbein the Younger (Holbein) and the Precisionism movement (Precision) — among many others, Brentano's new contract textiles perform with eco-conscious finishing and contents. Woven with 43% to 66% post-consumer recycled polyester, Autumn, Construct, Holbein and Precision all offer GreenShield finishing and abrasion resistance ranging from 50,000 to over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). The former three are also bleach cleanable for contract and hospitality interiors.

Precision, a stripe, and Autumn, Construct and Holbein, all playful, mid-scale patterns, join the Brentano Green line of eco-friendly fabrics.

Left to Right: Autumn–Watercolor 4552-03, Construct–Fountain 4547-02, Precision–Sunbeam 8112-03, Holbein–Goldsmith 4550-04

Artistically rendered contract fabrics Autumn, Construct, Precision and Holbein perform with eco-conscious finishing and post-consumer recycled polyester contents.



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