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Artists Inspire Brentano's Studio Collection
Designers merge a passion for art and a passion for textiles in 20 new fabric patterns


Brentano Studio Collection

The Studio collection, available February 1, draws from the work of artists who have inspired Brentano's designers. The collection honors Design Director Iris Wang's fine art background and 25 years of leading Brentano, merging her passion for art and her passion for textiles in 20 practical patterns for residential, hospitality and contract interiors.

The upholstery fabrics in the Studio collection reference little-known artist Sanyu's gentle figures (chenille Cheval), the textures created by Jack Tworkov (two-toned velvet Gesture) and how Monet painted the effects of light (dense, multi-colored Giverny), among many others. Wang also identified technical constructions that every designer — both textile and interior! — should experience, leading to the development of Brentano's first satin (Gainsborough).

With soft colors and textures, these four patterns perform over 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). Brentano also offers Gesture with Teflon and Giverny with a stain resistant finish so the Studio collection can double as functional art.

Counterclockwise: Cheval-Silver Dapple 2120-05, Gesture-Landfall 8218-05, Gainsborough-Rifle Grey 4240-16, Giverny-Haystacks 7704-04

Soft colors and textures from the Studio collection — with patterns like Cheval (67% viscose, 17% linen, 16% cotton), Gesture (45% viscose, 30% linen, 25% cotton), Gainsborough (60% polyester, 40% cotton) and Giverny (69% cotton, 9% viscose, 8% nylon, 7% acrylic, 7% polyester) — draw from the work of inspiring artists.

Left to Right: Impression 7092: Marine 07, Orchard 06, Autumn 04, Dejeuner 01, Coquelicots 08, Ploughed Field 10

The Studio collection's Impression (45% rayon, 35% nylon, 20% polyester) melds color like paint on a canvas. Carefully, artistically rendered, Impression's practical features — Teflon finishing, abrasion resistance passing 30,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) and an acrylic backing for stability — balance the textile's atmospheric effect.

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