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New Eco-Friendly, Commercially Washable Fabric
Brentano offers performance-minded fabrics for hospitality interiors


Brentano’s fall 2013 Rhythm collection debuts two exceptional fire resistant and commercially washable fabrics that stand up to the rigors of hospitality environments. Commercially washable fabrics not only retain their vibrant color during laundering, but they also will not shrink—even at temperatures up to 160°F. With heavy duty abrasion resistance, this combination of performance features makes Jukebox and Volume perfect for upholstery, drapery, top of bed and bedskirt applications.

Jukebox offers a bold, lively pattern in 7 rich, jewel-tone colorways like “Heat Wave” and “Locomotion.” Its complement, the medium-scale, sinuous pattern Volume, is also available in a range of 7 usable colors from the soft blue “Radio” to navy “Cassette.”. Both pass NFPA 701 Test 1, exceed 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek) and are woven from a blend of polyester and fire retardant post-consumer recycled polyester. The SCS-certified recycled content makes them the newest additions to the Brentano Green line.

Top to Bottom: Jukebox-Locomotion 1606-07, Volume-Walkman 1600-05, Jukebox-Heat Wave 1606-05

With their commercially washable properties, lively patterns and range of colors, Jukebox and Volume are eco-friendly and versatile. Whether it’s for an upholstery, drapery or top of bed application, this duo fits the bill.

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