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New Brentano Textiles in Playful, Rhythmic Patterns
Fall 2013 Rhythm collection expands range of performance fabrics

  Design Director Iris Wang finds rhythm in art »

Cadence, flow, movement, meter: the concept of rhythm is complex, encompassing the worlds of music, art, speech and literature. But for Brentano Design Director Iris Wang, it’s also a natural fit for textiles because at its core, rhythm speaks to a language of pattern. “As long as there is pattern, there is rhythm,” Wang says.

The 24 new fabrics in Brentano’s fall 2013 Rhythm collection embrace this “language of pattern” with colorful, playful designs for the most high-traffic applications. Focused on beauty + performance, the Rhythm collection expands the range of materials and performance functions in Brentano’s line with new outdoor (Calypso and Hula), fire retardant, commercially washable (Jukebox and Volume), antibacterial and blackout (Tacet) textiles.

Antibacterial fabrics Bing and Dizzy both use Agion polyester, which is formulated with silver and copper ions for an environmentally-friendly solution, in fun patterns. The swinging, semi-botanical pattern Bing will keep the beat in interiors that require fabrics that are both fun and functional, and 54” Dizzy delivers smooth lines in the form of an eco-friendly, performance-minded upholstery. Composed of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, these two new additions to the Brentano Green line are also finished with GreenShield and certified Cradle to Cradle silver.

Whether inspired by the improvisations of famed trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie or distinct patterns in art, nature and speech Brentano’s 2013 Rhythm collection offers fabrics that highlight the beauty of thoughtful repetition and flow.

Top to Bottom: Bing–Green Eyes 5416-04, Dizzy–Leap Frog 5418-06, Bing–Summer Time 5416-03, Dizzy–Bonnie’s Blues 5418-08, Bing–Capri 5416-05, Dizzy–Fiesta Mojo 5418-04, Bing–Blues Serenade 5416-06

Brentano 2013 Fall Marketing Images

Top to Bottom: Swing–Lindy Hop 7458-01, Galaxy–Milky Way 3987-01, Splash–Little Deuce Coupe 8123-02, Big Band–String of Pearls 7460-04, Groove–Whispers 1184-01

Brentano 2013 Fall Marketing Images

Top to Bottom: Jukebox–Locomotion 1606-07, Volume–Walkman 1600-05, Jukebox–Heat Wave 1606-05

Brentano 2013 Fall Marketing Images

Top to Bottom: Virelai–Poitiers 3403-05, Cadence–Strobe Light 2211-06, Big Band–Stardust 7460-06, Swing–Lindy Hop 7458-01, Serape–Bajo 7484-08

Brentano 2013 Fall Marketing Images

Left to Right: Calypso–Blue Lagoon 6106-07, Calypso–Hibiscus 6106-06

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