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Brentano Makes Headlines at NeoCon
Owners launch first showroom with a champagne toast and an Onion-style newspaper


Brentano owners Iris Wang and E-Kwan Chen welcomed the contract industry to their first showroom for a champagne reception on Monday, the first day of NeoCon. Clients, industry partners and sales reps from the last 23 years of doing business stopped to offer their congratulations — along with those unfamiliar with Brentano but drawn to the refreshing colors and bright energy of the textile display.

For such a newsworthy event, Brentano created an Onion-style publication where the new showroom and Brentano’s products made every headline. Classic newsboys, dressed in Brentano red caps and argyle socks, hawked the papers on the corners of the Merchandise Mart and earned the top spot in Interior Design’s list of “Top 10 Things” at NeoCon.

“We had such a good response, not just for the design but all the things we did with the newspaper and the excitement of the people in the showroom. The showroom came out exactly like my vision; what I didn’t expect was to have so many blessings from the people who came in for our champagne toast — and support from friends too,” said Design Director Iris Wang.

Brentano owners E-Kwan Chen and Iris Wang celebrate opening their first showroom at NeoCon. Top left photo by Mary Clare Photography, courtesy of Interior Design magazine.

Design Director Iris Wang keeps the Brentano newsboys in line.

Original? Antibacterial? Outdoor? They all say Brentano. Blended Blue sales reps, among other Brentano faithful, get inspired by the silver graphics in the showroom.

Beyond the Brentano Showroom

Brentano’s presence at NeoCon extended beyond the bright new showroom on the tenth floor into locations across the Merchandise Mart. Floor-to-ceiling panels of the two newest polyurethane faux leathers in Brentano’s line (Primal and Remix) occupied the Green Spot, the Merchandise Mart’s gallery of eco-friendly products, while classic faux leather patterns Scuba and Vapor found a home on Leland International’s award-winning Quarry Bench.

Versteel and the Jasper Group found inspiration from the playful patterns and textures of Brentano’s contract textiles. Versteel accented their showroom with colorful pops of performance fabrics from the Gallery collection (Acanthi, Arles, Delaunay and Leger); and the Jasper Group highlighted their Connect seating with voided-velvet Zigzag. Not to be out-shone, office and healthcare-centric National Office Furniture selected gilt colorways of Casbah, Mineral and Remix for their Extraordinary Chicago Event, the glister of Remix on National’s Aurora office chair expressing the thrill of this year’s show for Brentano: just golden.

From down the hall (Versteel) to the lobby (the Green Spot) and locations in between (Jasper Group and Leland International), Brentano had the Merchandise Mart covered

Brentano shone at National Office Furniture’s gold-themed Extraordinary Chicago Event — even making the mustache inspiration wall.


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