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Brentano Among Industry Leaders at HD Expo
Design Director Iris Wang shares, discovers innovative ideas at hospitality show


The Hospitality Design Expo is as much about people as product. This year, Brentano — who previewed their fall collection of textiles across an aisle from Boyd Lighting and within shouting distance of Donghia, Elitis and The Bradley Collection — kept close company with industry leaders throughout the show.

“It’s fun to see our reps and learn from clients about their projects, but I especially like talking to other product designers,” said Brentano Design Director Iris Wang. She enjoys seeing the innovative ideas they bring to the show and hearing their stories: “I met a first-time exhibitor [the owner of CHARLES] who lives in a boat house on the Seine River in front of the Eiffel Tower. Can you imagine?”

An innovator herself, Wang selected patterns with dramatic texture and scale from Brentano’s upcoming fall Rhythm collection for the HD Expo. Enhanced by a shared palette of clean, bright blues, the display demonstrated the versatility of textiles Wang designs for the hospitality industry.

The Rhythm collection launches this August.

Design Director Iris Wang and National Sales Manager Jeff Frank show Brentano’s newest patterns at the 2013 HD Expo.

Hd Expo Collage


  • Arnaud Michon, Elitis US Sales Manager; Ludovic Darricau, Elitis CEO; Iris Wang; Patrice Marraud des Grottes, Elitis President
  • Iris Wang and Jeff Frank show Brentano’s fall Rhythm collection.
  • Jeff Frank sporting his red blazer with Tracy Moore, Donghia Florida Sales Rep
  • Iris Wang with the Boyd Lighting team: Mark Gaynor, Lead Engineer; Jane Culligan, Director of Sales; Iris Wang; Schuyler Sweet, Sales Manager; Erin Geiszler, Director of Marketing
  • Jonathan Hawley, The Bradley Collection President; Iris Wang; Kristin Cresiski, Donghia Lead Project Manager; Peter Pinto, Donghia NY Sales Rep
  • Michael Wagner, CHARLES Owner, and Iris Wang with Calypso from Brentano’s fall Rhythm collection


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