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Brentano Expands Range of Eco-friendly Fabrics
New green options ideal for hospitality, contract, and residential interiors


Since their fall 2008 Elements collection, Brentano has continuously added new eco-friendly fabrics that push the boundary of green design. By utilizing a range of environmentally-conscious materials, including bamboo, eco-wool, recycled content, organic wool, and alternatives to leather and vinyl, Brentano offers a vast selection of eco-friendly fabrics. Beyond innovative fiber content and construction, Brentano believes in offering traditional patterns as well as unconventional ones.

Brentano Mythos / Perspective

From top to bottom: Mythos-Water Bottle 5118-08, Mythos-Soda Can 5118-06, Perspective-Magic Mirror 3920-08, Perspective-Snakes 3920-04

As an expert in green design, Brentano’s Gallery collection continues to offer eco-friendly textiles that suit a range of interiors while offering bold, fresh colors. The subtly striped texture of Mythos is ideal for offices, hotels, and healthcare interiors seeking an eco-friendly upholstery, while the visually-compelling pattern of embroidered faux leather Perspective is perfect for benches, lounge chairs, and headboards in hospitality environments looking for a green option.

With the Gallery collection, Brentano adds new selections to the Brentano Green label that can be used in traditional or contemporary spaces. The subdued, striped texture of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester Mythos has a GreenShield finish and exceeds 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek), making it a practical choice for offices, hotels, and healthcare interiors. With bold hues like Soda Can and modern neutrals like Green Glass and Newsprint, versatile Mythos demonstrates how design (and 100% wind energy) can transform recycled materials into works of art.

The artwork-inspired Gallery collection also introduces Perspective to Brentano’s line of environmentally friendly faux leathers. Drawing upon M.C. Escher’s work, Perspective is embroidered with a visually compelling pattern ideal for bench backs, lounge chairs, and headboards in hospitality environments seeking visual interest. It has the outstanding hand and wearibility of its base cloth, Essence, with additional quilting details. The polyurethane base exceeds 100,000 double rubs, while the embroidery yarn passes 30,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek).

Both Mythos and Perspective are also suitable for high-traffic, residential areas.

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