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Gallery Collection Features Artwork-Inspired Textiles
New Brentano fabrics offer options in pattern, color, and performance

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Brentano’s fall 2012 Gallery collection was a long time in the making. Design Director Iris Wang and her team had been thinking about an artwork-inspired collection for over a decade but had been waiting until the time was right.

To follow their heavily residential Back to Basics collection from last spring, Brentano knew a collection that offered artful textiles designed for contract applications, but was still beautiful enough for residential interiors, would be just the opportunity to introduce Gallery—a collection inspired by art that focuses on core fabrics that speak to Brentano’s motto of beauty + performance.  

To create Galley, the design team had to take a step back and consider why they wanted to make this collection. They thought a lot about form versus content. “All art embraces form—lines, shapes, colors,” says Wang. “But so much commercial design is exclusively about the form. We wanted to take it a step further.” She defines content as something more—the inspiration behind a piece of work. “The work of artists is always content-rich. So we looked to them for inspiration to add another dimension to this collection.”

The types of artists who influenced Gallery are also telling. “We love Rembrandt, but it would be difficult to interpret his work into our textiles,” explains Designer Aaron Mensik. “We found ourselves inspired by American Expressionists because their abstract styles were the right match for what we do,” he says.

After creating the motif or pattern of a textile, the design team would start meticulously considering construction, fiber content, and colors in the precise manner characteristic of each Brentano fabric. 

And the results are stunning. The 14 new textiles in the Gallery collection range from 7 core fabrics that offer what every designer wants: usable pattern, comfortable hand, contract level performance, affordability, and versatile colors all the way to the luxurious voided velvet Cloudscape (inspired by Georgia O’Keefe) and the sumptuous mohair Tamara (named for the Polish Art Deco Painter Tamara de Lempicka) that truly take Brentano’s motto of beauty + performance to a new level.

Additionally, 6 of the textiles come in clear, bold, primary colors. What better time to introduce true red, yellow, and blue than in a collection inspired completely by the work of artists who use these basic building blocks to create masterpieces? Look for these iconic primary colors in core fabrics Acanthi, Delaunay, and Untitled, as well as Van Gogh-inspired Arles, the previously mentioned Tamara, and the saturated additions to the existing eco-friendly fabric Nomad.

Stacked top to bottom: Tamara 5543: Emerald 09, Kizette 05, Vin Rouge 07, Gilt 03, Sapphire 10, Cupid’s Bow 06

Stacked top to bottom: Stella-Feather 9050-01, Tamara-Fur Stole 5543-04, Cloudscape-Sandstorm 1726-02, Quinan-Ivory 2771-01

Stacked top to bottom: Delaunay-Cleopatra 5160-05, Acanthi-Mimosa 7515-05, Mythos-Soda Can 5118-08, Albers-Oil Paint 5136-05, Leger-Copper Pipe 5132-06

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