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Primary Colors Shine in Brentano's Display at the 2012 HD Expo
Design Director personally debuts fall collection in red, yellow, and blue

2012 Hopitality Design Expo Postcard

Brentano's arresting new Shibori Wool pattern grabbed attention at the Hospitality Design Expo (HD Expo) in Las Vegas, NV, this year. Coupling a traditional Japanese tie-dye technique (shibori) with an unexpected and durable fiber (wool), the large-scale, organic pattern managed to stand out among the bold primary-colored textiles selected by Brentano for their fifth appearance at the hospitality-oriented event.

The vivid display integrated upcoming patterns like Shibori Wool with Brentano classics, all in red, yellow, and blue hues adapted for hospitality interiors. Brentano Design Director Iris Wang, who attended the show, explained her inspiration as a reflection of the growing optimism in the industry: "I see the mood brightening, and colors too. Every designer should have the opportunity to work with pure, saturate colors like the primaries, and I know that the public is ready for them."

Yellow and blue, the two colors that resonated most with visitors, appeared in recent Brentano color forecasts -- Buttercup for 2011 and Marine for both 2011 and 2012. The upcoming fall Gallery collection, previewed at the HD Expo and available August 1, 2012, will feature both shades alongside a brilliant red. An intensely personal collection that draws upon the Brentano designers' own inspiration as artists, Gallery will introduce 17 new high-performing, eye-catching designs suitable for hospitality, contract, and high-traffic residential interiors.

Like Brentano's entire line, the new collection will be pretested on Leland International furniture and incorporated into the company's graded fabric program. Brentano included Leland's luxurious new HiFi lounge seating in their booth along with Sputnik, the best-selling drapery fabric introduced at last year's show -- both fan favorites.

Silhouette - bamboo drapery
Brentano 2012 HD EXPO display

Silhouette - bamboo drapery
  • Local Donghia representatives pose for a quick snapshot with National Sales Manager Jeff Frank
  • Brentano labels fit with the red, yellow, and blue color scheme
  • Laying it all on the table: Brentano representatives help pull samples and brainstorm with a client
  • Design Director Iris Wang and Leland National Sales Manager Shanna Anderson at the edge of their HiFi seats

Silhouette - bamboo drapery
  • Garden Party pillow photobombs Pave-wrapped drum table
  • Sectional sofa upholstered with Simplicity
  • The Charter Furniture booth featuring a Pave-wrapped drum table and pillows upholstered with Garden Party and Vantage
  • Dramatic Heavy Metal-upholstered chair takes center stage

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