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New Partnership Announced, Widespread Coverage at NeoCon
Brentano fabrics featured in multitude of contract applications at NeoCon 2011


Every year, thousands from the architecture & design community gather at Chicago's Merchandise Mart to attend NeoCon World's Trade Fair, NeoCon at Chicago's Merchandize Martthe leading trade show featuring innovative healthcare, government, institutional, retail, residential, and contract products with a particular focus on the latter.

For Brentano, this year's show was especially exciting. Brentano textiles could be found in the gorgeous showroom of their partner Donghia, and once again they were featured in the Green Spot, an eco-friendly product showcase. However, at 2011's NeoCon, Brentano significantly stepped up their presence in the contract world, announcing a dynamic partnership with Leland, and also with their fabrics featured prominently in the showrooms of National, Versteel, and Jasper Group, amongst others.

Merchandise Mart Green Spot

For the third consecutive year, Brentano was one of a handful of companies represented in the Merchandise Mart's Green Spot, a gallery that features new, innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are located within the Mart. This year they selected Meander, a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester with a usable and fun small-scale pattern from the spring 2011 Essentials collection. Additionally, the Green Spot offered a sneak peak into Brentano's upcoming Portfolio collection with DIY, an eco-friendly faux leather that provides a stunning, textual pattern printed on a polyurethane base with a recycled polyester backing.

Brentano Covers Leland

Brentano's big news this year was the announcement of the graded in program between themselves and renowned furniture company Leland International. For their NeoCon showroom, Leland featured their products upholstered exclusively in a range of Brentano fabrics. This synergistic partnership grew from the two's similar backgrounds as family-owned-and-operated, Midwestern-based companies that have been in the design business for the nearly 20 years, as well as their shared design philosophies of combining beauty + performance, and an understanding of how the companies could elevate each other in achieving that important balance.

To celebrate the new program, the companies sponsored a contest asking Leland showroom NeoCon at Chicago's Merchandize Martvisitors to have a Brentano or Leland rep snap their picture with a "Brentano Covers Leland" partnership sign, then upload the photo to each company's Facebook page for a chance to win a custom iPad cover designed with Brentano fabrics. Two extra-lucky winners received the custom iPad cover complete with an iPad inside. Brentano also made substantial use of their twitter page by tweeting in-the-moment observations of the show.


In addition to the fabrics used to upholster Leland furniture, Brentano fabrics could be seen numerous showrooms around the Mart, including National, a manufacturer of high quality, stylish office furniture solutions with exceptional value, Versteel, creator of innovative, quality tables, seating, and support products, and Jasper Group, who is comprised of the three exceptional companies JSI, Community, and Klem offering furniture for business interiors, public spaces, and hospitality environments, respectively. Please see accompanying photos for specific Brentano fabrics used in each of these showrooms.

Although not pictured, Brentano fabrics were also found in the showrooms of Gunlocke, who builds furniture combining good design and ongoing performance, as well as Allsteel, who has taken home Best of NeoCon awards on more than a few occasions.


Lastly, Brentano used NeoCon to spend time with their sales representatives. National Sales Manager Jeff Frank says NeoCon is a great opportunity to hear input from sales representatives that are scattered around the country, as well as simply spend some time together. He also says he looks forward to previewing the upcoming collection almost as much as Brentano's annual pizza and beer dinner. This year the dinner maintained the tradition of pizza and drinks, but differed by switching venues to be held at "contemporary pizzeria" La Madia — which made perfect sense in retrospect, as Brentano's new Portfolio collection seeks to offer traditional textiles with a modern flair.

green textiles at GreenSpot NeoCon Brentano Design Director Iris Wang and National Sales Manager speak to Sales Representatives about recent additions to the ever-expanding Brentano Green collection of eco-friendly textiles.

Brentano Fabrics at Leland Showroom Leland International exclusively featured Brentano fabrics in their showroom, making use of everything from the classic and beautiful floral print Dahlia, (upper right), to several clean and crisp faux leathers, such as Jetset (left) and Essence (lower right).

Brentano Fabrics at National Showroom The showroom at National showcased a range of Brentano's patterned textiles, including embroidered faux leather Paparazzi (upper left), geometric Quadro (upper right), medium-scale Gaia (foreground and background, lower), and woven Gridlock (right side, lower).

Brentano Fabrics at Versteel Showroom Versteel selected Brentano fabrics voided-velvet Quadro (left and upper right), which exceeds 30,000 double rubs, as well as the high-performance Crypton textile Flourish (lower right).

Brentano Fabrics at Jasper Group Striking colors reignesd supreme at Jasper Group, who showed off the stunning White Rabbit colorway of Wonderland (left), as well as the purple shade of Garden Party (upper right), and several bold shades of Ballroom (lower right).

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