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Essentials Collection Revamps Classic Textiles
Brentano's spring collection offers modern interpretations of the basics

Nightlife - drapery with laser cutouts
Quadro 3600-05 Navona

After 2010's celebration of 20 years of beauty + performance with bold colors and festive patterns, Brentano's 2011 Essentials collection offers a refined and understated offering of classics. According to Brentano Design Director Iris Wang, the Essentials collection is made up of fabrics she would use in her home, but designed for a wider audience and application.

Quadro is the quintessential upholstery for interiors seeking a stylish and warm European look. Woven with a polyester ground and a soft viscose pile, this 54" voided-velvet is perfect to add comfort and texture to a room. The graphic square pattern makes it ideal for accent pillows and chairs.

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