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New Eco Elements Added to Established Green Textile Collection
Brentano's Gala Collection expands green farbic label with more benefits


Green textile by Brentano
Brentano expands their environmentally-friendly fabric offerings with additions to their Brentano Green Label, bringing its selections up to nearly 40 diverse textiles. Like all Brentano's polyurethane-based faux leathers, the new patterns offer a greener, more eco-friendly alternative to toxic, dioxin releasing vinyl (PVC) and the chemical laden production of leather. Additionally, Jetset and Paparazzi are the first Brentano polyurethanes to use a post consumer recycled polyester substrate, while the latter uses an embroidery yarn dyed in compliance with REACH standards.

The stylish Jetset and Paparazzi are available in 12 coordinating, chic colors. The classy iguana-skin pattern of Jetset provides a subtle texture ideal for upholstery and panel applications, while Paparazzi is embroidered with a geometric pattern of interlocking rings. The sculptural effect makes Paparazzi perfect for upholstered headboards, panels, or accent pieces. Both faux leathers are part of the growing Brentano Green Label.

Sustainable Design Lecture reception
From left: Paparazzi-Private Jet, Jetset-Tokyo, Jetset-Cabo, Paparazzi-VIP, Jetset-St. Tropez, Paparazzi-Nail Polish

Take an interior to new heights with Jetset, a stylish, iguana-skin patterned faux leather. Coordinating with Jetset is Paparazzi, an embroidered faux leather with a geometric pattern of interlocking rings sure to attract attention. Both are available in a range of 12 fashion-inspired and classic leather colorways that make it easy to accessorize the well-priced Jetset with the fun Paparazzi. Jetset and Paparazzi are both part of the Brentano Green Label of eco-friendly textiles.

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