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Brentano Increases Range of High-Performance Textiles
Gala collection adds 6 new bleach cleanable fabrics, suitable for healthcare environment

Bleach-able Healthcare textile

Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, Presto, and Voila! Vanish the days of muted colors and blah texture with Brentano's new high-performance upholsteries that combine wearability and cleanability with a soft hand and gorgeous color. All four of these magic-themed patterns can be cleaned with at least a 1:10 ratio of household bleach to water, making them perfect for healthcare, higher education, hospitality, and even high-traffic residential interiors. For institutional businesses requiring a classic look with easy cleanability, eco-friendly faux leathers Jetset and Paparazzi can be cleaned with 20% diluted household bleach.

These six new textiles add phenomenal variety to Brentano's previous selection of bleach cleanable textiles, bringing their offerings to 200+ SKU's. These include classics like the best selling Caress and Scuba, as well as several outdoor fabrics, such as Basketry and Lanai. All Brentano's bleach cleanable offerings can be cleaned with a 1:10 ratio of diluted household bleach, which makes them compliant with the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) standards for disinfection and sterilization, while many can be cleaned at a 1:5 ratio.

While all Brentano fabrics are designed with beauty + performance in mind, the new magic-themed patterns exemplify this company motto. Industry standards have developed that make solution dyed nylon and high-energy dyes not only bleach cleanable, but also offer incredibly clear color. Additionally, all four are finished either with Crypton or the combination of Nano-Tex and DuraBlock. "These finishes not only make them usable for hospitals, but also well-suited for restaurants and household kitchens," says Brentano Design Director Iris Wang. "We wanted to bring out fabrics designed for the strenuous needs of healthcare textiles while maintaining a look that works for residential and hospitality interiors."

Brentano's recent increase of high performance fabrics has also lead to updates on the website which makes searching for bleach cleanable, Crypton, and Nano-Tex fabrics a breeze. Simply visit www.brentanofabrics.com click on fabric search in the menu bar, and then select your chosen fabric type. The search can even be narrowed down further by color, usage, pattern type, fabric content, and much more. This tool is healthcare made easy, by providing hundreds of healthcare fabrics with a simple click!

All Bleach Cleanable Tetxile by Brentano:

8155 Abracadabra

8155-04 Pick a Card
5710 Al Fresco

5710-08 Key Lime
3931 Amazon

3931-06 Rattlesnake
7447 Apex

7447-03 Freestyle
4530 Aquarelle

4530-05 Demuth
5700 Basketry

5700-03 Raffia
7460 Big Band

7460-04 String of Pearls
3970 Bricolage

3970-08 Marble
6106 Calypso

6106-03 Banana Boat
6115 Campagne

6115-05 Firethorn
3911 Caress

3911-11 Otter
3925 City Block

3925-08 Jazz Club
3969 D.I.Y.

3969-05 Inkwell
3918 De-vine

3918-06 Virginia Creeper
1200 Element

1200-04 Flora
3952 Essence

3952-12 Autumn Leaves
3966 Filigree

3966-06 Red Lacquer
3905 Finesse

3905-04 Ice
7480 Flora

7480-02 Gardenia
1180 Forte

1180-03 Mermaid
3987 Galaxy

3987-07 Mars
1184 Groove

1184-08 Drifters
5707 Hard Candy

5707-06 Bubblegum
3939 Heavy Metal

3939-01 Polished Chrome
7200 Hocus Pocus

7200-07 Bewitched
6102 Hula

6102-04 Gentle Waves
3913 Jetset

3913-06 Cabo
3983 Komodo

3983-06 Cashew
6440 Lakefront

6440-01 Whitebark
4909 Lanai

4909-04 Fountain
3950 Mineral

3950-07 Almandine
7207 Moxie

7207-01 Spotlight
3927 Ooh La La

3927-07 Cha Cha
3919 Paparazzi

3919-04 Money Clip
6110 Parterre

6110-03 Allée
5705 Pave

5705-03 Oro
3920 Perspective

3920-05 Dolphins
5711 Plein Air

5711-07 Lagoon
6576 Polka

6576-03 Beer Barrel
1175 Presto

1175-04 Lucky Charm
3973 Primal

3973-01 Purr
6579 Pulse

6579-01 Heartbeats
7482 Rajah

7482-02 Rice Field
9404 Ravenswood

9404-06 Victorian
3924 Remix

3924-05 24K
8161 Sanctuary

8161-04 Clear Water
3900 Satin

3900-03 Summer Sky
9407 Sauganash

9407-09 Keating
1187 Schematic

1187-04 Graphite
3940 Scuba

3940-05 Eel
6581 Solo

6581-03 Soprano
8123 Splash

8123-05 Good Vibrations
3954 Splint

3954-06 Blackthorn
3915 Streetcar

3915-07 Halsted
7458 Swing

7458-02 Boogie Woogie
9409 Uptown

9409-07 Essanay
3903 Vapor

3903-05 Good Luck Red
3901 Varsity

3901-06 Dragon
1178 Voila

1178-09 Rainbow's End
3944 Zebra

3944-01 Ivory
6105 Zinnia

6105-06 Peppermint Stick

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