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New Collection Celebrates 20 Years of Diversity
Brentano's fall 2010 Gala collection offers range of textiles

Nightlife - drapery with laser cutouts
Brentano's dynamic Nightlife is the perfect drapery for interiors looking to add a creative edge. The twisting and turning pattern is created using an innovative laser cutting method for precise, geometric cutouts.

Balancing sophistication and playfulness, each of the 18 patterns of the Gala collection engage the festive theme, whether it's through bold color, unique textures, flowing patterns, or technical innovation. Six high performance upholsteries offer a combination of Nanotex, DuraBlock, or Crypton finishes in fresh colors, while eco-friendly faux leathers increase the variety of the Brentano Green fabric label and new draperies add to Brentano's selection of distinctive window treatments.

The geometric twisting and turning pattern of Nightlife was inspired by stained glass windows and brought to life using an innovative laser cutting method. Available in 3 striking colors, this 100% polyester drapery is inherently flame retardant, making it ideal for hotel and restaurant interiors. Nightlife is designed to be railroaded, and has a wide selvedge on each side: one measures 8" and the other 7.5" for a total width of 118." Additional custom colors based on existing base fabrics are available at 50 yard minimums.

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