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New Collection Kicks off Year-Long Celebration
Brentano's spring 2010 Platinum Collection marks 20th anniversary

Pave Sterling - woven faux leather
Pavé-Sterling. Pictured is Pavé in colorway Sterling, an innovative faux leather with a hand-woven aesthetic that can easily be combined with its solid coordinates to create a dazzling interior.

Silver, slate, pewter -- shades of gray are abundant in Brentano's spring 2010 Platinum collection, which celebrates 20 years of creating interior design textiles with a focus on beauty + performance. The Platinum collection adheres to time-honored ideas while offering unexpected surprises; established colors mingle with fun trends while basic weaves are reinterpreted in unique materials. Brentano's festive new collection offers textiles that are ideal for creating sophisticated interiors, both classic and current, whether a corporate, residential or hospitality environment.

The innovative faux leather Pavé has a hand-woven aesthetic giving it the appearance of closely set gemstones, especially in the metallic colorways Sterling and Oro. Each of the four dazzling colors has a solid coordinate, making it ideal for hospitality or retail accent pieces. 54" Pavé has a polyester fabric backing and passes over 75,000 double rubs.

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