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Brentano Smart Home Contest Winner Visits Chicago
Kim Klingeisen of Smithgroup tours "Chicago's Greenest Home"

Eco Friendly Smart Home with LED holiday lights
Exterior of the Smart House: Green + Wired exhibit decorated for the holidays with LED energy-saving Christmas lights.

In early November of 2009, Kim Klingeisen, an Associate at Smithgroup in Minneapolis, received an email with a subject line reading "And the winner is…" Upon opening it, she was surprised to read her own name. Soon after, plans were made to fly Kim and a guest to Chicago for a weekend in the Windy City and a tour of the Museum of Science and Industry's Smart Home exhibit, which is a free-standing, fully-functioning modular home that showcases the big and small ways to make eco-friendly living part of daily life.

Named "Chicago's Greenest Home," the exhibit focuses on environmentally-conscious architecture, practices, technology, and products, including an array of fabrics from the Brentano Green collection of eco-friendly interior textiles. This year's home featured bold colors, like 100% post consumer recycled polyester Casita in bright teal as well as eco-friendly faux leather Royal Coach in Su Fong Red which was used to upholster an ottoman.

After touring the home, Kim and her friend Kristin Slaikeu were accompanied by Brentano's National Sales Manager Jeff Frank and Marketing Coordinator Emily Mendenhall back to their hotel. Brentano selected the Wit hotel for the pair both for its ideal location and impressive design. The group went up to the Roof bar to check out the views over State Street. Following a chat about green design and the Smart Home exhibit, Jeff and Emily left Kim and her guest so they could get ready to enjoy the rest of their weekend in Chicago, which included a tacky holiday sweater pub crawl.

The Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit closed on January 3, 2010. Additional information and photos can be found here.

contest winners at Green Home exhibit
Before touring the Smart Home, Kristin (left) and Kim (right) check out the Museum's "Great Train Story" exhibit. contest winners tour Green Home exhibit at Museum of Science and Industry
From left: Kim Klingeisen, Krisin Slaikeu, and Brentano National Sales Manager Jeff Frank pose for a photo outside the festively-decorated 2009 Smart Home.

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