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Brentano Offers Variety Of Nanotex Finishes


Add increased stain resistance to Brentano fabrics with Nanotex finishes!

Brentano is now offering the following Nanotex options:


Nanotex is a finish designed to protect fabric from spills and stains. It repeals liquids so they will bead up and roll off fabric. It is cleanable with water, detergents, solvents and sometimes bleach. Bleach will not impact the performance of Nanotex, but it may harm the fabric if it is not a fabric that is safe to use bleach on. This means that if the fabric is not bleach-safe prior to treatment, it will not be bleach-safe after treatment. Nanotex also enhances abrasion on almost all textiles, making fabrics more durable. Nanotex can be applied to many fabrics.*

Additionally, Nanotex is environmentally friendly. It is Cradle-to-Cradle Basic certified by the third-party organization MBDC, and a fabric finished with Nanotex can be recycled.

Lastly, Nanotex will not change a fabric's ability to pass 701 -- fabrics that inherently pass 701 will still do so after Nanotex is applied.

Nanotex plus DuraBlock

DuraBlock is a backing that can be applied to many fabrics finished with Nanotex. DuraBlock forms a breathable, liquid-proof barrier that prevents liquids or contaminants from reaching the seat cushion. Its ideal usage is for seating in high-traffic areas in healthcare, institutional, and educational environments. DuraBlock is certified Cradle-to-Cradle Basic by MBDC, and fabrics backed with DuraBlock can be recycled.

Nanotex plus Bio-Am

Nanotex plus Bio-Am is Nanotex with antimicrobial benefits. It is a finish that protects the fabric against microbes such as MRSA, mildew, mold, fungi, algae, and bacteria. It helps to reduce odors and stains caused by microbes. It can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including natural and synthetic fibers. Nanotex plus Bio-Am is environmentally friendly. In addition to being biodegradable, it also does not contain any arsenic, tin, heavy metals or polychlorinated phenols. Nanotex Bio-Am is ideal for cubicle curtains, panel systems, upholstery, and drapery.

Brentano has conducted research to determine which Brentano fabrics are most suitable for Nanotex finishing. Please contact your local sales representative for further information about Nanotex or any other finishes offered by Brentano.

* Some changes to texture and color may occur.

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