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Brentano Presents at Arizona Design Center Fall Day of Design
Design Director Iris Wang lectures on eco-friendly textiles

Eco friendly fabrics featuered at interior design lecture

On Wednesday November 4, 2009 Brentano Design Director Iris Wang spoke at the ADC Fall Day of Design. Organized by Brentano and their Arizona representative Dean-Warren, nearly 100 guests turned out for the lecture, which was titled "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Understanding Eco-Fabrics." The presentation was inspired by Wang's personal experience navigating the rapidly-growing world of eco-textiles while creating her Brentano Green line of upholstery and drapery fabrics.

Wang's lecture provided an in-depth discussion comparing and contrasting the diverse environmentally-friendly aspects of various green fabrics, including organic cotton, bamboo, eco-wool, eco-friendly faux leathers, and recycled polyester fabrics. Additionally, she spoke about United States and international third-party certification, examining and explaining the pros and cons of well-known certifications such as LEED and MBDC, and lesser known ones such as Oeko-Tex and GOTS, as well as the in-progress ACT NSF Standard for Sustainable Textiles.

Catering was provided by Arcadia Farms, a Scottsdale-based company that uses organically grown pesticide-free, hormone-free and trans fat-free ingredients in all recipes, and promotes sustainable cuisine by supporting local farmers. Guests were also treated to Brentano gift bags with information and examples of Brentano Green textiles.

Cara Webb, Fabric Director and Contract Sales Representative for Dean-Warren, said that she felt most designers left understanding that there are numerous ways the textile industry is improving itself to be more green, as well as that there are many ways to qualify what it means to be green. She also said she hoped that designers would "be more informed consumers and be better able to translate the information to their clients," a feeling that Wang would agree with completely. When asked what she'd like designers to have taken from the event, Wang said she'd like to have inspired a more conscientious consumer who would use their buying power to support causes in which they believe.

Sustainable interior design lecture: Understanding Eco-Fabrics
Brentano Design Director began her lecture by speaking about how she worked to create Brentano's green criteria.

Sustainable interior design lecture: Understanding Eco-Fabrics
Nearly 100 people filled Dean-Warren's showroom for the green textile lecture "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Understanding Eco-Fabrics".

Iris Wang and Sustainable interior design lecture attendees.
Brentano Design Director Iris Wang used time before and after the event to speak with attendees.

Caroline Wylie, Iris Wang, Cara Webb at sustainable interior design lecture.
From left: Caroline Wylie, Owner, Dean-Warren; Iris Wang, Design Director, Brentano; Cara Webb, Fabric Director and Contract Sales, Dean-Warren.

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