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Turn an Interior into a Haven with Award-winning Collection
New Brentano textiles win awards for excellence in product design


Brentano's residentially-inspired fall 2009 Haven collection combines traditional elements like rich textures, understated elegance, and a soft hand with exciting details, current colors, and wearability -- making them ideal for residential, hospitality, or corporate environments.

Two of the patterns won awards prior to their market release. Entered in the 13th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition honoring innovative, functional, and aesthetically beautiful design products for the hospitality industry, each took home the award for their respective category.

De-Vine, a double-embroidered faux leather with a large-scale repeat, won the IIDA/HD Product Design Award for upholstery entrants, and Rendezvous, a fashion-influenced pattern available in three luminous colors took home the award for drapery, bedspread, or casement fabrics.

Hospitality Upholstery Design Award Hospitality Drapery Design Award
DE-VINE : IIDA / Hospitality Design Award for Upholstery Fabrics
De-Vine - English Rose (3918-03)

Award-winning De-vine is anything but average. Double-embroidered with a large-scale repeat, this faux leather is ideal for accent pieces in upscale interiors and can be paired with its durable solid counterpart Ooh La La to create a striking interior.
De-Vine (3918) in Honeysuckle (01), Virginia Creeper (06), Sweet Pea (02), Passion Flower (05), and Morning Glory (04)

RENDEZVOUS : IIDA / Hospitality Design Award for Drapery Fabrics
Two layers of luminous fabric come together in award-winning Rendezvous, a drapery constructed by laser-cutting a layer of stylish sails to create beautiful depth and luster. Available in three fashionable colorways, Rendezvous appears delicate but is durable enough to be used as pillows and throws.
Rendezvous - California Dreamin' (9200-02), and Paris after Dark (03)
Rendezvous - California Dreamin' (9200-02)

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