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Brentano Launches Spring 2009 Doodle Collection
New Textiles Celebrate Whimsical Colors and Patterns


Crumpled pages of a new sketchbook. Favorite pens sitting untouched - Brentano Design Director Iris Wang knows the difficulty of forcing inspiration.

For Brentano's spring 2009 Doodle collection, Iris looked to the moments spent daydreaming, drawing in the margins. In these unconstrained sketches, she saw the potential for her new collection. By embracing the playful wanderings of the mind, the Doodle collection blends whimsy with function and beauty with fun.

Combining a variety of eye-catching colors, saturated earth tones and soft neutrals with a range of subtle patterns and bold graphic designs, the 21 textiles of the new collection are sure to draw attention in residential and contract environments alike.

doodle collection 1
Squiggle-Blue Hawaii, Curlicue-Summer Sprout, Doodles-Fountain Pen, Plume-Peacock, Crisscross-Vine

From the small textural lines rippling across Squiggle to the hand-drawn geometric pattern of Curlicue, Brentano's spring 2009 Doodle collection offers a variety of patterns both simple and sophisticated. The matelassé Crisscross is available in seven soothing colors perfect for comfortable hospitality or residential applications. The triple-outlined water drop pattern of Plume comes in six stunning colors, sure to add elegance to any environment. Doodles offers intricate pen-like patterns that not only speak to the very idea of the collection, but also provide durability in corporate environments.

doodle collection 2
Shade and Shadow-Forest Floor, Daydream-Watery Blue, Plume-Pheasant, Crisscross-Toadstool, Kaleidoscope-Magenta Glass, Squiggle-Planter's Punch, Lucky Knot-Red Envelope

The 21 fabrics in the Doodle collection have a shade for every situation, from the nature inspired colors of Shade and Shadow to the dramatic hues of Kaleidoscope. Daydream offers ten colorways ideal for upscale environments, while Lucky Knot is available in eight bold combinations that surpass 100,000 double rubs. Each of the six colorways of Plume has a shimmering wrapped filament yarn that will brighten any upholstery application. The intricate blend of fibers in Squiggle gives the eight masculine colors a visually interesting striation, while Crisscross provides seven soothing options.

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