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Brentano Eco-Fabrics in New Sustainable Material Program

Brentano is pleased to announce the inclusion of their 100% post consumer recycled polyester textiles (Barkcloth, Rainforest, and Thicket) in the new GreenBox program created by Ecolect, the web's premier sustainable materials library.

Launched in 2007, the free Ecolect.net site has a simple yet ambitious mission: "to help designers find sustainable materials, to provide makers of new materials a space to showcase their innovations, and create a vibrant forum for designers committed to sustainability to share their inspiration, occasional frustration, new information and everything in between."

On October 30, 2008, Ecolect launched a new program called GreenBox. GreenBox is a subscription service that provides eco-friendly design materials to environmentally-minded trendsetters and innovators. Customers range from design studios, architecture firms and leading design schools, to individuals across the globe as well as Fortune 500 consumer product-based companies. Ecolect Project Coordinator Elizabeth Redmond explains that the GreenBox service was "born naturally from a demand for on-site physical material samples that can serve as inspiration while contributing to making informed design decisions." In response to inquiries about samples and further product information, Ecolect created GreenBox.

For a yearly fee, subscribers will receive a quarterly GreenBox service. According to Redmond, each will contain 8-12 "cutting edge sustainable material samples that provide a responsible solution to the conventional alternative," as well as detailed information about the new material. Each box contains a variety of materials from various design disciplines. The goal of this is to offer subscribers interdisciplinary material knowledge and to encourage exploration outside of industry boundaries. By the end of the year, a subscriber will have nearly 50 samples in their sustainable materials library.

Brentano is excited to work with a company that shares their mission both to provide beautiful, sustainable material options, as well as to create an environmentally-informed design community.

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