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Brentano's Eco Fabrics Featured in "Chicago's Greenest Home"

Brentano's eco-fabrics are showcased in the Museum of Science and Industry's exhibit Smart Home: Green + Wired, Powered by ComEd and Warmed by People's Gas. On May 8, the Chicago Museum opened the doors to the fully-functioning, 2,500-square-foot exhibit home -- now designated "Chicago's Greenest Home" -- allowing Museum guests the opportunity to view Brentano fabrics that exemplify the growing range of beautiful, environmentally-minded products.

Many of the Brentano green fabrics featured in the Smart Home are from the upcoming fall 2008 collection, Elements. The Elements collection brings eco fabrics to the forefront by expanding the selection of environmentally friendly faux leather patterns, as well as introducing 100% recycled polyester, Eco-Intelligent Polyester®, rapidly renewable bamboo and biodegradable Eco Wool textiles.

Brentano's faux leathers are a stunning, green alternative to vinyl and leather. Manufactured in environmentally-conscientious facilities, the patterns Caress, Galaxy and Scuba are displayed in a variety of upholstery applications in the Smart Home, including dining room chairs, a bench, an ottoman and on the headboard and side rails of a twin bed. The bed in the master suite features a trio of Brentano's eco fabrics: Eco-Flannel (100% Eco Wool), Barkcloth (100% recycled polyester) and Bamboo Cloth (100% Bamboo Face).

The Smart Home -- designed by Michelle Kaufman Designs, built by All American Homes and assembled in the museum's own backyard -- showcases the big and small ways that individuals can make eco-friendly living a part of everyday life, as well as highlighting eco-friendly technologies for the 21st century. The exhibit will be open from May 8 through Jan. 4, 2009. Visit www.msichicago.org to purchase exhibit tour tickets. Smart Home: Green + Wired, powered by ComEd and warmed by Peoples Gas, is also sponsored by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; Dominick's; and the Motorola Foundation as part of the Museum's 75th Anniversary.

Smart Home Living Room:

Sofa upholstered in Second Chance- Arm in Arm , 43% recycled polyester from the Surroundings collection.
*The pillows on the sofa are upholstered in Pollack's fabrics.

Smart Home Dining Room:

Chairs upholstered in Scuba- Shell , part of the Ultra Friendly series of faux leather from the Surroundings collection.

Smart Home Lounge:

Bench upholstered in Caress- Fennel , an eco-friendly faux leather from the Chroma Collection. Ottoman upholstered Galaxy- Eris , part of the Ultra Friendly series of faux leather from the Surroundings collection. The throw blanket is made of Bamboo Cloth-Footbridge , made from the rapidly renewable resource bamboo and from the fall 2008 Elements collection.

Smart Home Master Suite:

Platform bed's headboard and side rails upholstered in Eco Flannel- Rhino , Pillow shams in Eco Flannel- Bluebird and pillows and bedspread in Barkcloth- Morning . The throw blanket is Bamboo Cloth- Moon . Eco Flannel is 100% Eco Wool, Barkcloth is 100% post consumer recycled polyester and Bamboo Cloth has a 100% bamboo face. All the fabrics are from the upcoming fall 2008 Elements collection.

Smart Home Child's Room:

Headboard and side rails of bed upholstered in Scuba- Shell .

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